Record your own demo block booking offer!

Want to record your demo?
But don’t want to pay studio rates???
Hire a choice of 2 studios,
from 750, – 4000sqft!!!
You hire the room and bring your own recording equipment to
record your demo!!!
£80 for an 8hour day inc backline equipment. Private parking/Nottm City Centre
call 07968 587193 or email

studio floor a + b

Recording to tape is £40.00 per hour.

We advise that you call to discuss purchase of tape, or whether you will bring your own.

Recording to CD or any other digital medium is £30.00 per hour.

Alternatively you can hire the space and any equipment you may need, and record yourself on your own setup for a reduced fee (equipment hire is charged seperately, please call or email to discuss requirements).

Full kit list here.

While analogue is our speciality, if you would prefer to take away your recordings in any digital format, your needs can be met, with help on hand for post production and audio manipulation, track editing and sequencing. Furthermore if you are a vocalist or band wishing to overdub onto existing recordings, we can accommodate. We can also master digital or analogue recordings to tape for personal, vynil pressing, duplication or broadcast requirements.

Recent clients include The Soundcarrriers, whose latest album ‘Celeste’ was mastered at the Chicken Shack, making great use of the fabulous new live room.